Scott Lane

Scott, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, has a background in legal, compliance, internal audit, export control, ethics and corporate governance, providing counselling and advice to senior management throughout the world in the development of legal and compliance practices. Scott is the founder of the business and remains actively involved in its strategic direction. Scott has degrees in Law and Information Technology and is based in Hong Kong.



Paul is the Product Director for the IntegraWatch® products and manages the strategy, development, management and overall support for the IntegraWatch® suite of Products. Paul is a veteran of the screening and due diligence industry having been involved in businesses like IntegraWatch® for most of his professional career. Paul is based in Austin Texas and manages a global team of researchers and analysts and a development center in Manila, Philippines.


David lane

David is the VP of Customer Success, Sales and Marketing organisations globally. He is leading his organization through accelerated growth utilizing both direct and indirect sales channels. David is a senior level global technology executive with over 25 years of experience in driving transformational agendas for companies. During his career, he has accumulated significantly broad and deep experience with six multi-national companies, as well as three start-ups. David has a MBA from the University of Colorado and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. All of the sales resources for IntgeraWatch report into David. Davis a US citizen that resides in Sydney, Australia and Colorado, USA.



Varun is an attorney admitted to practice in the USA who has had many years as a compliance professional working in Hong Kong, Japan and the USA. Varun manages the Managed Services elements of the IntegraWatch® products where clients need a little more than just a screening tool, but they need the people and the resources to build and implement a screening system using our resources to provide the manpower. Varun is based in Phoenix, Arizona.