We don’t just focus on money laundering or whether you can open a bank account
  • Most Compliance databases provide solutions to banks for the express purpose of checking a customer against the list to see if they are sanctioned or not. This is a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ tick the box question

  • Our profiles are built on companies and people that have been identified as having a risk against one of or more of 23 different risk areas - not simply the risk of sanctions or money laundering

  • Our data is much broader and therefore more useful to clients that are focused on broader issues.

Just because you are profiled in IntegraWatch® doesn’t make you a bad company, it just means there has been some issue in the past that relates to our 23 risk areas
  • Unlike our competitors, being in IntegraWatch® is not a crisis nor necessary mean that you are a bad company. It certainly does not mean that someone should not do business with you

  • What it does mean is that there have been issues around one or more of the 23 risk areas that you should know about. This means you can make an informed decision about the company before you do business with them

  • The knowledge gained from IntegraWatch® may mean that you need to look at things differently, or putting in place additional measures or controls, or more contract provisions.

We don’t just scrape data off the internet and include it in our database
  • We employ layers of human and machine-driven quality assurance to make sure that the data in the profiles in our database are solid, meaningful, intelligence and highly relevant to our client base

  • Every single profile is built by a human, written by a human and risk rated by a human. While we use some clever technology to research, our focus is always on the human element to make something useful from that data

  • Our aim is to not build the largest database in the world - just the best.

Our focus is to provide a suite of screening solutions with the database access, API’s as well as after hours support, follow-up due diligence and even managed services
  • A pure database provider will sell you the licence and then never want to see you again until renewal time

  • We have the ability to offer additional services, including follow-ups, guidance, direction, advice and deeper due diligence when needed. Not just a database company! We are a services company that wants help you to manage a successful risk-based programme. Our key focus is to help you achieve that

  • Our people are ready to help you when and if you need it.

We use this database ourselves every day, thousands of times for our own business - so it is in our interests to keep it perfect
  • Our sister company uses IntegraWatch® every single minute of ever single day to conduct detailed due diligence for their clients

  • It is in our interests to get this data and our profiles complete, correct and to the highest standard possible

  • We are our most demanding client (by far) and the benefit to you is that you get the value of all that focus, making your life easier and more accurate.

Many of our competitors take the free sanctions lists issued by governments and actually package it up and sell it to you!
  • The quote is true. Many of the products on the market are literally the public lists repackaged and charged to you for a fee. This model is a total and absolute ripoff. If you are only interested in the GOVT lists then you can find these very easy on Google

  • If you are interested in seeing ‘profile's’ and not just names on a list, then our IntegraWatch® solution is far more useful and appropriate.

Some of our competitors have a strategy of building a database of combining tens of thousands of lists and databases together under one search. When it was designed 30 years ago before Google, it might have made sense
  • These competitors have build a ‘database’ of lists. The amount of lists go into the thousands, and tens of thousands. They literally have to give you a book so that you can index the database to see what is in it

  • This is our definition of a nightmare. If you want to search the World and troll through all the results yourself, then use Google. That is a solution if you are a researcher and conducting research, its not a solution if you want to quickly check a name against a database.