It all started in 2010…

In 2010, The Red Flag Group® started to build its own database, now known as IntegraWatch®. In short, it was one of those situations where we couldn’t find what we wanted in the market (as a consumer) and every vendor was focused on either KYC for banks and purely on PEP’s and sanctions or they were simply not focused on the data that we needed. We needed a broader data set that encompassed not just a simple sanctions check but a much larger and more complex set of data that covers companies and people with compliance, integrity and ethics issues across 23 risk areas and 194 countries.

It was a hard and long task to build the database and keep it updated every single day, make it available 24/7 and through every device and API’s. We are now at that space and we are pleased to offer IntegraWatch® as a user based subscription model, immediately accessible through this site. Start your trial today.

Scott Lane, Founder, CEO & Chairman